My grade 5 experience

Summer is the best holiday through out the whole year, but school can be real fun too! One of the part that was most fun was blogging it was amazing, maybe because I love technology , but the most exciting parts were sharing my life experience, looking at comments that other gave me, add and play with widgets etc. The other part that was fun about the year was we get to celebrate our holidays with the parties and field trips! I hope most of my classmates had fun in our class.

Daredevil 23

China Trip

Today is May 25, six days ago I went to China. It was quite an experience. We went hiking at least 2-3 times a day. The guest house was really amazing! It was really my best experience through the whole trip. When we were hiking to the tea plantation, there were one heavy injury. We had student in our grade that needed stitches after the hike. We also went to a place where we needed to get leaves and make flower rice. After all the rice was quite good. Generally speaking the trip was AWESOME!!!!!!


Camp was real fun! We went to Cheng Chau this year, my favorite activities are biking, and the great race!  Usually I only go on camp once a year, but now I think I will at least go on camp at least three times  a year. Hope you will have fun on your own camps!!!!!

Daredevil 23

Easter Break

My holiday was quite  so so. I hoped for a i trip but the vacation was quite short. So I would rather go on a trip the next holiday, which is SUMMER ! Back about my Easter break, even though I hadn’t go anywhere for the holiday but I still went to somewhere fun in Hong Kong. My favorite part of my holiday was going to the tai tong lai chi valley. There was slides and nets to climb around, and I also went strawberry picking, after picking the strawberries we we washed them then ate them there. after that I saw a gates and I went to see what was it and saw goats and rabbits. I the guy that worked there if I may go in, and he allowed me. I went in and pet the rabbits, their fur were so soft and there were little ones that were so cute. After that i went home and that was the best day through the whole holiday.

The Memorial Walk

The other day, the whole school went to the memorial walk. Different grades have different goals, for my grade that is grade five had to walk at least 4-6 labs. I went of ten labs and most people went more than that. After the walk, there are some performances, one of them are Choir. I am in the Choir and performed a few songs, then I had lunch. After a while we’d walk back to school.

Daredevil 23

The environment

As I know, there are many places that are about to be destroyed. Tiny islands that are not attached to the big city will be covered by the see. There are lot more worries for the planet, what will happen if we don’t stop polluting the planet. Weather is always changing when it is winter it is not as cold, or there are big changes everyday about the weather. To help the planet I think we should turn the lights off if it is not necessary, recycle more, reuse more and more to help the world!

Daredevil 23

Hong Kong!

Hi! I am Daredevil 23, I live in Hong Kong. It is a real safe city. It is also really easy to travel around Hong Kong. If parents have children with them then I would recommend them to go to Ocean Park and Disney Land, these are the the main theme parks in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a nice view at night, all the building’s decoration brighting up all the lights shining bright! If you came to Hong Kong, try the food here. It is amazingly yummy!

Daredevil 23

Sports Day!!!

Yesterday our whole class went to sports day. As a class we played frisbee and other games. Every one did track racing and some of them ran for 2 labs and some of them might went for 1 lab or less. Yesterday was a rainy day. It was so annoying because it is so cold that we didn’t enjoy it. I also think Sports day should be a really day that we should enjoy, but it was really cold yesterday and it was raining hard our hair was wet and our clothes are wet too. The grades that came yesterday to sports day are grade five and grade six. I wish there will a better whether when the next sports day arrives!

Daredevil 23